Shamanic consciousness integration

SCI combines the ancient shamanic ritual of Soul Retreival with a comphrehensive chakra-biofield healing to restore dissociated consciousness segments aka soul fragments. These pieces of ourselves are "lost" or displaced due to trauma and fragmentation that we experience along the way.


The treatment includes aura cleansing, hands-on energy work, energetic dialog and assessment, and the actual soul retrieval ritual. It is complemented by spiritual counseling, guidance, and suggested follow-up care. Sessions range from 60-90 minutes.


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Books by Steve Wagner

SIMPATICO: Reconciling the Disparity of Ancient Wisdom, and Modern Science. Discover the science, metaphysical forces, and spiritual dimensions of our physical Universe, and how you can enhance your experience within it.


An Essential Supplement to Simpatico

A companion guide to SIMPATICO that includes the Directory of the 72 Sacred Names, the Divine Hierarchy with definitions, and  The Shamanic Cosmic Web Model of Space-Time.


The Essential Tarot 2022 is is a no-frills guide to understanding the Tarot and learning to do readings for yourself and others. The updated keyword reference guide provides you with practical interpretations of all the cards, both upright and inverted. Your future is in the cards!


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Shaman's Reach CBD

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