Shamanic Consciousness Integration

Shamanic consciousness integration

Shamanic Consciousness Integration (SCI): this powerful specialty treatment restores displaced energy and fragmented consciousness, especially that caused by previous trauma. SCI weaves the dissociated consciousness segments back into the mainstream consciousness and being. In Shamanic tradition, the soul retrieval is considered the “ultimate healing.” Imagine recalibrating scattered pieces of Self to embrace a new sense of authenticity and true alignment. Duration is about 1.5 hours.


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Welcome to SIMPATICO the podcast, where the realms of spirituality, mysticism, metaphysics, ancient wisdom, and science converge into a captivating exploration of our souls, our human experiences, and the mechanisms of the universe. SIMPATICO: Blurring Lines is more than just a podcast; it’s a cosmic odyssey—a bridge between realms. Inspired by my book of the same name, as well as our TV pilot, The Others' Side (now streaming on Amazon Prime), this podcast promises to unravel the threads that connect us all and blur the divisive lines that separate our belief systems. From the depths of our souls to the mysteries of the universe, we’ll delve into profound questions and seek understanding. Click the Shaman above to read more.

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Book by Steve WAGNER 

 In SIMPATICO, Steve Wagner (aka the Integrated Shaman) explores the fusion of ancient spiritual teachings and contemporary scientific understanding. Comparing and contrasting various sources, spiritual concepts, and diversified belief systems, the author provides an interfaith perspective that resonates with his holistic shamanic approach and practiceRealize the simpatico existing with ancient wisdom, spiritual concepts, and modern science.


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