Steve embraces an eclectic and inclusive approach to shamanic practices. Drawing from ancient wisdom, contemporary sources, personal experiences, and diverse belief systems, he creates a unique blend of shamanic healing and interconnected complimentary treatments focused on your holistic spiritual well-being. His healing therapies aim to address and reverse the fragmentation and dysfunction experienced in your mind-body-spirit, energetic selves, and psyches.


These treatments include comprehensive chakra energy healing, unblocking energetic pathways, aligning etheric bodies, the ancient ritual of soul retrieval, spiritual counseling, and personalized post-treatment suggestions. Let us delve into the transformational services he provides:


Immersive Vibrational Restoration: this unique healing therapy aligns and rejuvenates your entire chakra-energetic system. Earth medicine fuses with high-frequency sound vibrational medicine to dissolve energetic blocks, break karmic patterns, and optimize chakras, meridians, and etheric bodies to their peak functionality. Qi is restored to its natural free-flowing state (absent soul retrieval). This is a great energetic “tune-up” for your spiritual health routine and maintenance to sync up your energetic composition. Duration about 1 hour.


IVR Initiation: this treatment includes all the above and  is a precursor to the regular IVR routine introducing the Sacred 72 Names of Kabbalah. Absorbing these transformational radiations go beyond the high-frequency sound medicine to elevate your consciousness and attune with the higher states of being and profound healing. Duration about 1 hour.


Shamanic Consciousness Integration (SCI): this powerful specialty treatment restores displaced energy and fragmented consciousness, especially that caused by previous trauma. SCI weaves the dissociated consciousness segments back into the mainstream consciousness and being. In Shamanic tradition, the soul retrieval is considered the “ultimate healing.” Imagine recalibrating scattered pieces of Self to embrace a new sense of authenticity and true alignment. Duration is about 1.5 hours; 2 hour maximum.


Whether you seek spiritual direction, energetic healing, a deeper connection, or restoration of Self, Integrated Shaman offers holistic therapies that resonate across Mind, Body, and Spirit.