Shamanic consciousness integration

SHAMANIC CONSCIOUSNESS INTEGRATION (TM) involves the restoration of displaced energy and dissociated quanta of consciousness, integrating them back into the mainstream consciousness. This brings multi-dimensional holistic healing that includes the entire chakra system and related energetic aspects. This energy restoration is coupled with a modified version of the ancient shamanic healing art of "soul retrieval."


SCI treatments are designed to bring back the natural harmony and balance to all our previously dissociated consciousness (soul) fragments. To be authentic, we must be whole. SCI assists in retrieving, reintegrating, and recalibrating all our scattered pieces of Self to approach this totality and to truly become our authentic Selves.​​ SCI and shamanic spiritual counseling help to get you back on your spiritual path and realize your true spiritual direction again.


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Immerse yourself in my unique healing treatments that brings balanced alignment and complete energy restoration to your chakra system (absent soul retrieval). Earth medicine fused with high-frequency sound vibrations rejuvenate your Chi and corrects energy flow, revitalizing your entire energy system. These  stand-alone treatments area combined methods of Shamanic ritual and Kabbalistic tradition.


Each treatment balances the chakras, dissolves energetic blocks,  and adjusts and optimizes the chakra system holistically to its highest functional level. The etheric bodies are synced with the chakras increasing your auric output. The chakra-only treatment is perfect for maintaining your energetic health and boosting your immune system. 


The full immersive vibrational restoration treatment takes things a step further. Transformational high-frequency sounds that include the divine blessing of Kabbalah's 72 Sacred Names are introduced. Absorbing these vibrational radiations activate innate celestial coding for a profound link to higher dimensions, Spirit, and your Higher Self.




At Integrated Shaman, I promote an eclectic and inclusive approach to shamanic practices, drawing on ancient wisdom, contemporary sources, and various belief systems. The result is a unique mixture of shamanic traditions and interrelated modalities directed at your holistic spiritual health.



The focus of this healing is to correct and reverse the fragmentation and dysfunction we all experience in our mind-body-spirit, our energetic selves, and our psyches. Treatments include but are not limited to comprehensive chakra energy healing (balancing, aligning, activating, etc.), the ancient ritual of soul retrieval (consciousness restoration and integration), spiritual counseling, and post-treatment recommendations.



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