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Steve Wagner, the founder and visionary behind Integrated Shaman Shamanic Practice wears many hats: a seasoned Shaman, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Author, Podcaster, and TV Paranormal Investigator. He has dedicated over two decades to spiritual exploration, teaching, and healing. His journey began as a profound calling that led him to the crossroads of mysticism, metaphysics, and ancient wisdom.


His experiences are as fascinating as the realms he explores. His path spanned from education to enlightenment to expansion, beginning with twelve years of private education, culminating at Little Rock Catholic High School in 1977. Later in life, he returned to college and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Central Arkansas with dual business degrees.


However, it was his deep dive into World Religions at the UCA Honors College that renewed the examination of his indigenous roots and sparked a formal study of Shamanism and other spiritual practices. During his intensive apprenticeship training, Steve participated as “Fireman” or Keeper of the Fire for the Lakota inipi (sweat lodge) and vision quests. These events ignited his passion for shamanic practices and set the stage for his transformative work.


A proud member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Steve weaves together indigenous wisdom, intuitive insights, and scientific curiosity. His energy medicine practice combines ancient techniques with modern insights and technology, bridging the gap between science and spirituality for an exclusive immersive healing experience. His unique blend of knowledge empowers others to awaken their inner healer and embrace their soul’s purpose. Other continuing education and certifications along the way included hypnotherapist and past-life regressionist, and even personal trainer. All these experiences, along with two near-death events, were to provide him with an understanding of Mind-Body-Spirit and the walk of a Shaman.


In 2016, Steve established the Shamanic Journey Circle and Earth Medicine Chakra Workshops at the Academy of Holistic Arts in Little Rock. These gatherings became spaces for seekers to explore their inner landscapes, connecting with Spirit and  Universal natural healing energies. But Steve’s innovation did not stop there. In 2020, he unveiled the groundbreaking Shamanic Consciousness Integration (SCI). This neo-shamanic holistic energy treatment blends chakra-biofield healing with the ancient shamanic ritual of Soul Retrieval. Through SCI, dissociated consciousness is restored to the mainstream and brings energetic healing and wholeness.


As an author his written works resonate with seekers worldwide. SIMPATICO: Reconciling The Disparity of Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, and Modern Science (2021) bridges gaps between realms and belief systems. Practical Ways to Be More Spiritual (2022) offers accessible insights to make daily activities profound spiritual events. His TV debut on The Others' Side produced by Creep Street Productions, captivated audiences on Paraflixx and Amazon Prime Videos.


Integrated Shaman is where traditions, paradigms, and realms converge and is further evinced in both Steve’s book and his upcoming podcast Simpatico: Blurring Lines. The Integrated Shaman weaves an eclectic tapestry of shamanic traditions, drawing from ancient wisdom, contemporary insights, and diverse belief systems and modalities. The result is a comprehensive style and practice that teaches, guides, nourishes, and heals Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Steve Wagner, aka the Integrated Shaman, the walker between worlds, a seeker of truth, and the guardian of healing flames, delivers truly natural and integrated methods for your spiritual health. He embraces an eclectic and inclusive approach to shamanic spiritual practices. Drawing from ancient wisdom, contemporary sources, personal experiences, and diverse belief systems, he creates a unique blend of natural healing and interconnected complimentary treatments focused on your holistic energetic well-being.


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